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Jordan +65 9240 3724

A software engineer with deep understanding of JavaScript, CSS, and HTML alongside a background in design, illustration, and animation. I excel in frontend architecture, componentisation, and design systems – keeping: codebases efficient and maintainable; teams focused and excited; and projects accessible and punctual.

Employment history


Senior Software Engineer


Leading the front-end build, tests, and deployment of the Command Center application.
Live data using a combination of polling and websockets, where appropriate.
Maps using Google Maps, then MapBox.


Worked closely with a design intern to release new project.
Mentored intern to develop system to create and control simulated vehicles.
Mentored a second intern to expand that previous system to control real vehicles from the cloud.


Put forward the usecase of new design system.
Built it out while working on new features.
Gradually back-ported old projects to the new system.

Work closely with back-end to encourage consistent APIs for internal and external use.


Software Engineer

Core application

Championing UX architecture, componentisation, and frontend architecture. Rapidly prototyping, then converting to highly-polished MVPs, taking into consideration speed-to-production, developer happiness, and end-user accessibility. Work included in-depth code reviews, technical documenting, and refactoring code reactively and proactively to prevent bottlenecks.

Marketing website

I built and maintained the marketing website by building custom tooling on top of HubSpot. I ensured the system was quick and easy to update; that analytics and SEO gave an accurate representation of our audience; and load times were fast.


After some time the core app demanded I worked on it fulltime and I couldn’t spend time on the marketing site, so I began mentoring a junior for the marketing site. This carried forward to me similarly mentoring other team members from the engineering team, with regular pairing and conversations.

Win Technologies

Software Engineer

Under the Betway brand: I started by polishing up the Bingo website, then quickly moved to lead the new white-label gaming website. Together we made a portal that tailored itself to the needs of multiple brands.

Perform Group

Web developer

Leading live streaming website projects, CMS integrations, curated data feeds, and technical documentation.

Junior web developer

After three months of teaching myself web development: Perform Group, excited by my passion for the role, gave me a shot as a junior developer. In less than a year I was leading teams for the Norwegian Eliteserien and OBOS-ligaen.

Research Now

Graphic design intern

This is where my journey into web dev began. After learning Flash on-the-job while hitting deadlines I was asked to create an email. This hooked me in and I started learning web dev on my 2-hour commute.

Technical Skills In order of preference

  • CSS: SCSS, Vanilla

  • Frontend JavaScript: Vanilla, React, Ember

  • HTML: Accessibile

  • Node: Express, Vanilla

  • SQL: MySQL, PostgreSQL

Formal Education

  • BA Illustration with Animation: Manchester Metropolitan University

  • Arts Foundation: University of Lincoln

Hobbies & interests


A revelation, as before leaving the UK around 5 year ago, I hardly left the house. Moving to Singapore has opened my eyes to travelling and I have been trying to get to new countries at least every couple of months. Activities while abroad include diving, hiking, and meeting new people.


I still enjoy life-drawing and try to go to classes to keep my drawing sharp. During down-time you could find me sketching or folding a paper animal.


Most of my spare time is spent with computers, and electronics: learning new things and immersing myself in their world.


The progressive problem-solving nature of real-time strategy games makes them my ‘go-to’, but I also enjoy casual action and fps games to wind-down with.

Guitar & recording

Having taught myself guitar while at University, I enjoyed recording sessions in my bedroom... all parts played by yours-truly. However, these days I tend to keep my playing more to myself.


I am familiar with modern DSLR cameras, but as I generally take photos while out-and-about I stick mostly to point-and-shoot cameras or my Phone. As I started diving I’m currently enjoying the Olympus TG-5.